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International Business Development

Have you ever thought of expanding your business internationally? DG Multilingual Services offers a wide range of comprehensive packages adapted to your individual needs so that you can maximise all your business opportunities at an international level. 


According to UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), businesses that decide to start exporting see a 34% increase in productivity in the first year alone and have 11% more chances of surviving. This has never been more true than in the last few years. In times of crisis it is essential to diversify and if your company is selling to many different countries it has less chances of being affected by localised economic difficulties.

Only 27% of Internet users are English speakers, so obviously the first step is to translate and localise your website and possibly other marketing material. DG Multilingual Services can help you with that. Please see the Translation Services section.


Spanish, with nearly 500 million native speakers globally and an increased online presence growth of 743% in the last ten years (as opposed to 281% for English usage), is probably a good place to start with. And from then... the world is your oyster!


However, a very common mistake when trying to expand internationally is 

trying to grow too much too quickly. So, how can you make sure you are growing at just the right pace?

DG Multilingual Services offers a solution tailored just for you. This service is ideal for businesses that are thinking of starting to expand internationally but do not want to risk hiring an international sales team before knowing how the target market is going to respond


In other words, DG Multilingual Services helps your company expand internationally before you have to take the risk of hiring an in-house export sales agent. You may need a speaker of a foreign language or you may even need to expand in some countries where they speak English, but you don't have the time or the resources to concentrate your efforts in that specific market. Now you don't have to worry: DG Multilingual Services does it for you!


Depending on your individual needs, DG Multilingual Services can offer several levels of entry in a specific market and each package will be adapted to your specific strategy, so that you can achieve exactly the results you are looking for. The length of the project can also be personalised so that you can budget your costs easily:


  • Level 1: Initial Market research on the target market (potential, competitors, barriers to entry, etc.)

  • Level 2: Market research and initial contacts with potential dealers/partners/resellers

  • Level 3: Market research, contact with potential dealers & ad-hoc language support services, i.e. when receiving an email or an order from these partners, when wanting to communicate with them, etc. This solution is ideal for companies looking to set up a limited network of Master Dealers.


  • Level 4: Market research and actively looking to increase the network of dealers/partners/resellers. Includes proactive emailing and calling up to an agreed number of hours per day/week. This solution is ideal for companies that are looking to set up an extensive network of dealers and want to adopt an aggressive strategy of expansion.










DG Multilingual Services offers expertise in Business Development supported by extensive experience and an excellent track record in international sales, having successfully increased business networks all over the world, although focusing in Southern Europe, Latin-America, Middle East, Asia and Africa


This business development expertise is not only oriented to export sales. If you are looking to find new suppliers of products you want to import but are limited by your language, please get in touch and ask for information on DG Multilingual Services' Import Support Service

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