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Spanish translation


Daniel González Bernardo is professional translator and a qualified member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting in the UK, offering Professional Translation Solutions from English and Italian into Spanish, supported by more than 10 years of experience. No automatic translations are used at any point. This is the key to achieving quality, as I take pride in producing texts that read like an original piece of writing and not as word-by-word translations. 
I can translate a wide range of texts, including Travel & Tourism, BusinessMarketing and Advertising, SEM/SEO, Wine and Spirits and Website Translations. Please go to the Industries section to see a more detailed list of my specialisations. 


My experience in a wide range of industries and with a wide range of clients, from big

multinationals to SMEs and agencies, allows me to offer the best possible

solution for your translation needs. You will get the highest quality at a fair price.

What more can you ask for?


Although I personally translate from English to Spanish and Italian to Spanish, I also

collaborate with other professional linguists, so if you require 

profesional translation services in any other language combinations, don't hesitate

to get in touch and I will try to point you in the right direction.


Why use professional translation services?


Here is a question that some people who are not familiar with the translation process

often ask me: "Is it not enough to use Google Translate?".


Although Google Translate might be slightly useful to translate some loose words or

very simple sentences, it does not have the ability to think and it translates sentences

literally (word by word). In the same way that you can't use a dictionary and communicate by looking up the words in a sentence one by one, using Google Translate produces unreliable, unprofessional and, very often, extremely dangerous results! Don't take our word for it! With a simple search you can find thousands of examples of machine translation gone wrong, sometimes getting the companies that used them into trouble. Don't risk it and make sure you project a professional image to your international clients. DG Multilingual Services makes you sound local, helping you to go global!


Translation Services

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