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Traducción inglés
Spanish translation


If you care about your content, you cannot avoid SEO when talking about the online presence of your business.

Online Search Optimisation is about increasing the traffic to your website through organic search results. This is mainly achieved, first and foremost,

by having quality content that will be interesting for your potential customers. However, it is not about cramming keywords into unnatural and almost

unintelligible pieces of writing, it is important that your content includes certain keywords that will show the crawlers that your content is relevant to the people it will show it to.

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This is very important, because your content may be perfectly optimised for SEO in your local language (something that, as you know, takes a lot of time and effort), but all this may be lost in the translation process if you simply use a provider that is not an expert on SEO.


This is because a SEO-unaware translator, will simply translate words without looking at the bigger picture and therefore without offering a solid content that will be SEO-friendly.


The other piece of the puzzle is SEM, or Search Engine Marketing (basically the ads on Search Engines).


Many companies make the mistake of investing heavily in hiring the best marketing specialists to create Google or Bing ads in their own language, but then hire a non-specialist translation provider that will simply translate the ads literally, without taking into account character limits, keyword analytics, etc, making the translated ad much weaker and ultimately affecting the revenue.

By working with DG Multilingual Services to translate your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, you will get expertise, not only from the linguistic point of view, but also from the online marketing point of view.


I have worked with many companies over the years, helping them reach their Spanish-speaking customer and grow their business effectively, and now I can do the same for you. 




"Daniel always does a fantastic job. The Spanish campaigns he has built out for us are performing impressively. They have continued to outperform all of the other languages."


David, Digital Marketing Agency client

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