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Content Management

It's not always easy to manage the content of your website, both in your own language and in other languages. Furthermore, nowadays it is extremely important to keep updating your website and offer quality content. Not only does this make you increase your brand awareness and reach to new customers, but it also helps your website rank higher in Search Engines.


DG Multilingual services can help you manage your content. You decide your strategy, you keep control of what you want to do and DG Multilingual Services will take care of your website content


Whether you want  me to maintain your website by translating regularly all new content that is added, or you want me to create brand-new, quality content for you, I can help you. I also have experience in creating newsletters and managing Social Media, so I can offer an integrated package so that your staff can concentrate on other things.

I understand that not every company can have one or several members of staff dedicated to creating content and keeping it updated. However, failure to take care of your content can be a costly mistake. Get in touch with DG Multilingual Services now and find out more about my Content Management packages. There are different levels of involvement and it's possible to tailor the services to your specific needs, so that you make sure you don't spend more time or money than strictly necessary in managing your content while keeping a top-level professional image.


​I also have extensive experience in the creation of original audio content, and not just written content. Please get in touch for more information.

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