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Social Responsibility


Being socially responsible is one of the core values of DG Multilingual Services. I always try to act responsibly and generally try to make the world a better place from my humble position. 



Minority Languages

As a linguist and provider of language solutions, I am aware of the fact that many languages in the world are endangered. 9.2% of the existing languages have less than 10 speakers and are facing extinction. What is more, studies show that up to 46% of all languages are endangered. A language is more than just words, and whenever a language dies, a culture dies with it. That is why I am committed to helping minority languages and to raising awareness about the importance of preserving them. If you are a speaker of a minority language share your story and I will be happy to help raise awareness. I am a proud supporter of Iniciativa pol Asturianu, an association from Asturias, Northern Spain, that promotes the use and protection of the Asturian Language. 

Apart from promoting recycling, not printing emails and other information unless it is strictly necessary, etc., I collaborate with a wide range of NGOs and organisations that work for the benefit of the community, the environment and other areas.


I collaborate both by offering language services, as well as through fundraising and other activities. I am proud to support Translators Without Borders, among other organisations.

MAP project Leeds, DG Multilingual Services Award, MAP Course,

Daniel González with Leeds Lord Mayor, as part of the Leeds MAP project.

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