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Any companies that offer a product or a service that is successful in their local market have the potential of expanding internationally and increasing their revenue. In order to achieve this successfully, it is vital, not just to translate their content—to reach their potential clients in their own language—but also to transfer their brand image, so that it truly resonates with their international audience.


Some companies spend a lot of money in the creation of marketing campaigns in their local language, but, despite having a good product, do not achieve the same success internationally. 


Why is that?


The truth is that translation is often seen, not as part of a marketing or advertising,

but more as a side, even secondary activity, and therefore is often not given the attention

(or the budget) it deserves.


We have seen the example of many companies that have experienced "marketing fails"

due to not giving too much focus on the translation process.

It is not about pressing a button and getting the exact same words in a different language.

The wording and tone need to be engaging and convincing, as well as reflect the right

brand image we want to project.


With marketing translations we should generally talk about transcreation, and they need

to involve many different aspects, and not just the linguistic one. It's important to

understand the target audience, in order to identify potential blocks to our entry in a

market, or additional opportunities. Therefore, in the same way that we need marketing

experts to design our local campaign, we need translators with an expertise in marketing

in order to achieve successful results in our international markets.



Why spend a lot of time, money and effort in your local advertising campaign, and then create an international campaign that won't do justice to it?


I can help you find the right tone for your campaign, providing you with a translation that will help you enter a new market (or grow your existing one!), and reflect the exact brand image that you want.


Of course, when we talk about marketing and advertising content, there are a wide range of options: I can help you translate traditional offline advertising in a newspaper, magazine or even on TV, and digital campaigns, such as ads on search engines, or improve your international SEO. The possibilities are endless!


I have extensive experience in marketing and international sales, as you can see in my profile, and in the translation of many successful campaigns for a wide range of clients. Although I personally work in the English-Spanish and Italian-Spanish language pairs, I regularly cooperate with other talented translators whose main specialisation is marketing, so if you need other languages that I do not provide directly, please do not hesitate to get in touch and request a no-obligation quotation.



Because when you think and sound local, you can truly go global!



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