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Spanish translation


When you have a business that has expanded (or is trying to expand) internationally, there are many different types of translations you may need. On the one hand, you will need to translate the information about your product or services, or your app (external translations), but you may also need to translate content for some of your affiliate companies or employees (internal translations). Please read on to see how I can help.


Are you running a global business with offices in different countries?


In that case, you will have employers whose mother tongue is different from English. Even when English is the main language for work-related communications, it is important that you provide your employees with clear information in their mother tongue: employee handbooks, HR-related forms, training presentations, etc. This way you will ensure that all information is understood

clearly by your employees, improving communication and increasing retention.


Take care of all your employees and make them feel valued by communicating with

them effectively in their native language.


I can help you to translate any internal content, from emails outlining the strategy of

your company to internal surveys, and from appraisal forms to onboarding packages.

Make sure language is not a barrier to success within your company.



Are you setting up a website where your potential clients can buy your products?


Nowadays it's important, not only to have high-quality products or services, but to also

provide an easy way of buying them.


E-commerce is becoming the number 1 choice for clients to purchase their products, making traditional high-street shops feel the pressure.


If you have an e-commerce platform (or you are creating one), and would like to expand it internationally, I can help you localise it to the language of your clients.


E-commerce translations are very different from other types of translations, and require a very specific skill set. The language needs to be appealing, but concise at the same time, and we need to consider potential restrictions with regards to space (especially for mobile). Apart from making the translation sound like a native piece of text, the language needs to be intuitive and match the design, in order to provide an excellent user experience.


Would you enter your credit card details (no matter how appealing a product may be) in a website that is written in very bad English and whose commands and buttons don't make much sense? Neither will your clients! Language is much more important than we may think when dealing with

e-commerce, so by having your platform translated by a professional with expertise in the field, you will be gaining competitive advantage over those companies that leave theirs in English, or, even worse, have it translated by an automated translation software.


If, apart from translating your e-commerce platform, you would also like to translate your advertising campaigns, or your digital marketing content, I can also help. Please do not hesitate to get in touch today.



Do you have an app or software and want to translate it into another language?


In the last 10 years, apps have become a very important element for many businesses. So much so that the revenue of many companies revolves around their app.


People use apps everyday: for work, for fun, to communicate with each other... There are so many millions of apps out there that the competition is fierce. If we want to stand out, we need an app that is robust, intuitive and practical. An app that solves a problem, or allows us to do something we wouldn't be able to do without it.


If you have an app, you know how much hard work it takes to create one that stands out above the rest. Unfortunately, many companies focus their efforts in creating the app, but disregard the translation and localisation process, which means their success will not be replicated in other markets.


Translating an app requires a lot of expertise and is much more than just translating loose words. A badly translated app can create confusion, project a bad image for your brand/company, and ultimately fail to bring the desired revenue.


If you want to expand your app to international markets, you have definitely come to the right place. I have successfully translated dozens of apps (some of them award-winning and used by most of the Fortune 100 companies), helping the businesses that developed them achieve success internationally.


Get in touch today, and see how I can translate and localise your app so that it reaches its full potential in international markets.


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